Some of our
exciting 30+ Obstacles

Obstacle 1
          OUW: Jump over, crawl under and weave through wires.

Obstacle 2
         Hot Jump: Get over the fire obstacle before things start to heat up!

Obstacle 3
          Boost: Pick your source of energy for the course – boost and go – can you handle it…

Obstacle 4
          Near or Far?: Take a guess at the answer and determine your route…will it be near or far??

Obstacle 5
          Lift Up: Pick an item or someone and manoeuvre this section!

Obstacle 6
          Bucket Carry: Carry up your sandbag and take back down.

Obstacle 7
           Over & Under: Simple…just don’t get hit!

Obstacle 8
          Ascent Descent: Face your fears with this high ascent and descent….lets do this!!

Obstacle 9
          Swing Out: You have one chance to make it across!

Obstacle 10
          Military Crawl: Stay Low or face the consequences.

Obstacle 11
          Tunnel: Get through a number of tunnels.

Obstacle 12
          Slip n Slide: Don’t forget to get your running start…then slide!


Obstacle 13

          Tyre Flip: Complete a number of flips to move on.

Obstacle 14

          Water Trail: Wade in the water.

Obstacle 15

          Monkey Bars: Don’t drop down or there’s a price to pay!

Obstacle 16

          Cargo Net: Over and under and onto the military

net….don’t look down!

Obstacle 17

          Water Ditch: How far can you jump? Miss ….and you’ll have to swim.


          Wall Climb: Get over however you can!…if you’re lucky you’ll get some help.

Obstacle 19

          Balance Beam: Keep you’re cool, or start again!

Obstacle 20

           Single Leg Jump: Climb up and jump down with military technique.

Obstacle 21

           Rope Climb: Get to the top and touch the bar.

Obstacle 22

          Fly Me Home: Feet up and swing….you are almost home!!!

Obstacle 23

          Heeving: Finish line is in sight…you are 3 heeves away……..



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